Welcome to MANGO! The 1st Pacific Islander Dating App

KICKSTARTER launched January 7th, 2020



Pledge your support now thru Feb 5th at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/themangoapp/mango-the-pacific-islander-dating-app.
Completing a good, modern, solid, fully functional dating app is very costly, so if we hit our goal we will have the funds to finish and deliver Mango by March 2020.  So far we have already invested in a completed clickable-prototype. 

Our Kickstarter launches January 7th, 2020, in which we will have 30 days to raise and meet our fundraising goal.   Here's the link to support: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/themangoapp/mango-the-pacific-islander-dating-app  You can also follow us on Facebook and IG @ mangodating

Mango features


Mango was designed to keep up with the trendy world of dating apps - bold style, and familiar usability.  But we've integrated some unique features. With Mango, users can…

  • Express their "interest level" letting other users know if they're looking for casual dating, or committed relationship.
  • Last Name Exclusion - we get it. Pacific Islanders come from BIG families, and we do not want to waste time browsing thru potential relatives, so we got that covered! Users can Input as many last names they don't want to see, and problem solved.
  • Personality Prompts - to build a story around the users. Because each person is more than just a photo!
  • Upload Video Clips - to really showcase personality and bring users' individuality to life .


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